Command Mechs with Turn-Based Tactics in the Newly Announced Warborn

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to order some mechs around in turn-based tactics, then Warborn may just be the game that you’re looking for when it launches in spring 2020.

The idea of Warborn is rather simple. You have mechs at your command, named Variable Armour, and see a map from a top down view. You’ll deploy mechs, capture buildings for resources, and order the machines around in combat with others. The game doesn’t look too different from the Advance Wars series or the recently released Wargroove, only instead of the modern day combat or medieval fantasy, Warborn takes you in to the distant future where everyone has very cool anime robots to pilot around. The trailer features them using several weapons, such as sniper rifles or swords, and gives an idea of what the combat will look like. We also get a look at some of the commanders you’ll be taking the role of, and even unique abilities like hacking other mechs or deploying shields.

As one would expect, there will be a single player campaign in Warborn which will give you an idea of the game’s mechanics and introduce you to the game’s four main factions. You’ll also be able to play single player skirmishes against the AI. If you’re feeling a little more saucy, Warborn will also offer both casual and competitive online multiplayer, so you can take on your friend on the other side of the globe. The game will also ship with a map editor, in case you want to let your creative side shine some and make a weird battleground for your mechs.

While there may not be too many details on in quite yet, developer Raredrop Games has said they’ll be showing Warborn off at EGX London 2019, and shall be revealing more about the game soon.