Helldivers 2 Mechs

Helldivers 2 State of Play Trailer Confirms Return of Mechs

Helldivers 2 opened today’s PlayStation State of Play show with a trailer that confirms that mechs will be returning to the game. The bad news is that the vehicles won’t be available at launch on February 8; instead, they will be arriving in the future.

Helldivers 2 will get the EXO-44 Walker Exosuit

The Helldivers 2 trailer showed a very brief tease of the EXO-44 walker exosuit that players will get in the future. The manned walker is armed with an MG-11 minigun and anti-infantry homing missiles and was extremely popular in the original Helldivers.

The trailer stated the EXO-44 walker will be “coming soon after launch”, although we’re not sure exactly how soon that will be. Arrowhead Game Studios haven’t confirmed whether any other vehicles will be coming to the game either, although players have been requesting their inclusion.

Whether the missions to be completed are eradicating bug infestations, destroying enemy supplies, or retrieving valuable data, you can guarantee there’ll be plenty of opposition. There was plenty of mayhem on show in the trailer, showcasing some of the giant enemy encounters from the robotic Automatons and the bug-like Termininds that occupy Super Earth. Each will require different strategies to overcome, while players will also have to deal with the environmental hazards that will no doubt cause plenty of hindrances.

We also got another glimpse at the large variety of customization options players will have for their characters and their ships. Just yesterday, the developer described how more weapons and gear will be available through the Warbonds, a battle pass-style system where players can unlock new equipment through gameplay. Super Earth promises a large arsenal at players’ disposal, with more equipment being added post-launch.