Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event Begins Winding Down With Latest Update

Gearbox Software has begun to wrap up Borderlands 3‘s Bloody Harvest, with the game’s latest hotfix reducing the amount of haunted enemies outside the Heck. The event will gradually fade away and come to an end on December 5th.

The update also includes the following fixes:

  • Addressed a reported concern that players would experience their screen shaking while in a party when one player used Bear Fist
  • Addressed a reported concern with duplicated audio when Maya turns on the music in “Beneath the Meridian” when playing in a party
  • Addressed a reported concern where players couldn’t hear Aurelia’s Holographic Doorbell answer the door
  • Addressed a reported concern where some players were missing the waypoint when quitting out of the map or performing a save and load during the “Bad Reception” side mission
  • Addressed a reported concern that the portal in Destroyer’s Rift disappears after completing the mission “Divine Retribution”
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Eridian structures were not resetting after player death during the Tyreen boss fight

Don’t forget that Gearbox Software will be revealing the first Borderlands 3 campaign DLC on Wednesday, November 20th at 8 am PST. The developer released a brief trailer on Twitter, which teases the return of fan-favorite Handsome Jack.

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[Source: Borderlands]

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