Emerge from Cryosleep With Action RPG Immortal Planet’s Console Release in December

Immortal Planet, an action RPG from developer teedoubleuGAMES and publisher Monster Couch, will soon land on consoles. The title is coming to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms on December 6th for $14.99.

For a hint at what to expect from the experience, check out the following trailer:

Immortal Planet originally released on PC back in 2017, giving players a challenging combat experience that “rewards patience and punishes recklessness.” The title is set on an icy planet, replete with tombs where the immortals rest. Meanwhile, sleepless warriors mindlessly roam about. One Awakewalker, however, comes out of cryosleep with no recollection of who they were before. To find the answers they seek and set about starting anew, the Awakewalker must explore the planet and uncover its vast mysteries along the way.

Similar to the Dark Souls series from FromSoftware, Immortal Planet features levels centered around a single checkpoint. Each level also features several unlockable passageways; therefore, it always feels as though progress is being made. In addition, after dying, players need to recover their experience points, which are useful for upgrading the character. Items and spells are equally integral to the action RPG’s customization system.

With regards to combat, players are advised to take a methodical approach. No good can come from rushing things. As such, managing stamina must is high priority when attacking, blocking, and dodging in combat encounters. Of course, this is especially important in boss fights, of which there is at least one in every level.

[Source: Monster Couch via Gematsu]