Remedy: Next-Gen Games Won’t Necessarily Load Faster if Devs Push the Envelope in Terms of Scope and Visuals

Control developer Remedy Entertainment has said that it’s looking forward to developing games for next-gen consoles and is excited about the PlayStation 5’s solid state drive (SSD). However, those expecting faster load times due to the new SSD might want to note that load times will depend on how much developers push the envelope in terms of a game’s scope and visuals.

That’s according to Remedy’s Technical Director, Mika Vehkala, who was recently interviewed by the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Vehkala said:

If games would stay the same in terms of scope and visual quality it’d make loading times be almost unnoticeable and restarting a level could be almost instant.

However, since more data can be now used there can also be cases where production might be cheaper and faster when not optimizing content, which will lead into having to load much more data, leading back into a situation where you have about the same loading times as today.

It is almost the same as with CPU and GPU enhancements. You could do things faster or you could add more content and run things the same 30 fps as before; often times it is the latter.

Remedy’s Head of Communications, Thomas Puha, added:

We game developers can make 60 fps games even on PlayStation 1! It’s always about compromise: are you focusing on visuals, physics, AI, and such things or purely frame-rate? The new PS5 hardware will be powerful, yes, but also expectations are that graphics will be even more detailed, more destruction, etc and it’s always a compromise as to where we focus.

Next-gen consoles will hit store shelves in 2020. Further details will be revealed in due course.

[Source: OPM (Christmas 2019 issue 169) via Wccftech]