Indie Action Shooter Gunlord X Makes its Way to PS4 Tomorrow With Extra Content

Sometimes indie games can take a little while to get to where they’re trying to be. Such is the case with Gunlord. Originally released in 2012 for, of all things, the Neo Geo and Sega Dreamcast, Gunlord was supposed to make its way to several other platforms. However, things didn’t quite go as planned. After a failed IndieGoGo attempt to bring the game to PC, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U in 2013, the game finally made it to consoles earlier this year with a Nintendo Switch updated rerelease known as Gunlord X. Now Gunlord X is hitting the PlayStation 4. Better yet, it’s coming out tomorrow.

Gunlord X is a 2D run and gun action shooter. You play what appears to be a very angry robot with a gun, as most robots tend to be. You use said gun to shoot dragons, giant robots, smaller but equally deadly robots, demonic horrors, and more. The game features 11 levels that have an open design, so you’re not always just walking from one side to the other shooting people in the way. Instead, you have to do a bit of exploring, searching levels for secrets and upgrades.

Gunlord X is serving as the definitive version of the game, adding in even more content than the original release. The levels themselves have been made bigger, with each level having new secrets and areas to explore. There are four new boss fights, a new weapon, and various display settings that you can choose. There’s also a brand new New Game+, made to make the game more appealing to speedrunners.

The game was developed by NG:DEV.TEAM, a studio that specializes in new games on retro consoles, mostly focusing on the Neo Geo. Last year they ported Fast Striker, a game that they made in 2010 for the Neo Geo and Sega Dreamcast, to both the PlayStation 4 and Vita.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]