Sons of the Forest is a Sequel to The Forest and Looks Absolutely Bonkers

During The Game Awards, Endnight Games showed off a first look at the follow-up to The Forest, Sons of the Forest. It looks just as intense and wild, for lack of a better word, as its predecessor. And, yes, from what’s been shown, the franchise’s wilderness can indeed get much stranger.

Check out a sneak peek of Sons of the Forest in the following announcement trailer:

At the time of writing, specifics are not known. Not so much as a release date window flashed on the screen. Even which platforms it will release on currently remain under wraps. When this will change is anyone’s guess.

As you can see in the trailer above, Sons of the Forest looks incredibly weird. There’s a three-armed woman humping the ground and strange faceless creatures trapped together in a cave. Funnily enough, these few moments may not even count as the crazier bits. Still, it looks like fans of The Forest have an insane ride ahead of them whenever the new entry arrives.

The Forest originally launched on Steam in April 2018. Endnight Games’ wilderness-set experience then hit the PlayStation 4 a few months later in November of that same year. A survival title at its core, The Forest sees players stranded in a strange forest following a plane crash. Surviving the natural horrors of their surroundings isn’t the only threat players must be mindful of, either. Cannibals lurk as well. Thus, building, crafting, and surviving are made all the more difficult. It will be interesting to see how these mechanics are expanded upon in the sequel.