The Wolf Among Us 2 Announced

The Wolf Among Us 2 Announced at The Game Awards 2019

The Wolf Among Us 2 has been announced during The Game Awards 2019. The trailer, pretty short and not showing too much of the game, but it does something rather important: The Wolf Among Us 2 exists and is no longer trapped in the unfortunate limbo of canceled development hell. Good news for anyone who was wondering how the game would continue after the original’s cliffhanger ending.

This news may be rather surprising, considering that Telltalle originally announced, then later canceled, The Wolf Among Us 2. Unfortunately, the game was a victim of the studio being shut down after having financial issues. Since then, several stories about the game’s rocky development have cropped up. While this is ultimately a shame, it’s really good to see the game landing back on its feet again. While Telltale shut down last year, but was revived earlier this year after what was left of the company was bought by LCG Entertainment. The Wolf Among Us 2 will be their first original project since being bought.

Telltale is partnering with AdHoc Studios, a team made up of former Telltale creatives. The Wolf Among Us directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart, along with writer Pierre Shorette are returning to helm the Season 2 project and ensure the original vision is met. Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette return to voice Bigby Wolf and Snow White respectively.

“When the opportunity came up, it was an easy decision for us,” said Pierre Shorette, CCO of AdHoc Studio. “Developing The Wolf Among Us was my first project at Telltale and the start of a creative partnership with Nick and Dennis, so obviously we’re excited to further explore the Fables universe.” Working with original Telltale team members is a strategic move to retain the original vision of a beloved series while also growing the new Telltale brand.

The original game was a favorite of several fans of Telltale’s episodic adventure games. It followed Bigby Wolf, also known as the Big Bad Wolf, as he investigates crimes happening in a fairy tale version of New York City. The game featured many fairy tale creatures, with Bigby teaming up with the likes of Snow White, Ichabod Crane, and Mr. Toad. Notably, the game is a prequel to the popular comic series Fables, which was a long-running series that followed Bigby Wolf as he tried to keep the fables from being discovered by normal humans. The series ended its run back in 2015 with its 150th issue.