P.T. Camera Hack Confirms That Player Character Was Actually Norman Reedus’ Likeness

Renowned Soulsborne hacker, Lance McDonald, has published the results of his brand new hacking project that confirms that P.T. players were playing as a model of Norman Reedus the whole time.

McDonald was able to hack the camera to get a closer look at an in-game mirror that purposely covers Reedus’ face. In the tweet below, you can clearly see the actor’s reflection.

“You usually can’t see his face because the mirror is covered in filth specifically to obscure it,” McDonald told IGN. “I moved the camera down a little above chest height to get a clear look at one of the cleaner parts of the mirror.”

While this discovery doesn’t come as a surprise because we know Reedus starred in the canned game, it confirms that players controlled Reedus’ likeness throughout the demo.

A new Silent Hill game now appears to be a pipe dream but developer Hideo Kojima is officially working on a new horror game, which he’s already started teasing. Apparently, the upcoming project will be the “scariest” horror game.

No further details about the project are available at this time but we’ll keep our readers posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think about this cool little discovery.

[Source: IGN]