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PSLS Game of the Year 2019 Awards – Best Adventure Game Winner

2019 took us on a bunch of great adventures through stories untold and worlds unexplored. We took journeys with some incredible characters in some foreign and fantastical lands. Our nominees cover a variety of adventure subgenres, but we felt confident that each one gave the player a great adventure from beginning to end. Only one of them can win. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best Adventure Game in 2019.

Best Adventure Game 2019 Winner

judgment review 4


Read our review.

Our review called Judgment “the Yakuza experience, but with a refreshing change of character, tone, and voice.” It’s an adventure that feels familiar to anyone who loved Yakuza, but entirely new at the same time, as the studio explores a whole new side of what makes that series tick. The game is a journey through the fictional city of Kamurocho, as Yagami, a private detective, explores the mysteries that lie in wait down every side street and alley. It’s heavy, thrilling, and at times, altogether ridiculous in the best ways possible. It may not be an adventure to faraway planets or a trek across the whole of America and back again, but it’s a compelling adventure nonetheless, one that earned it the top spot as our best adventure game of the year.

Reader’s Choice Winner

Death Stranding

This was a close battle between Death Stranding and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but by the grace of just a few votes, Kojima’s latest managed to eke out a victory over Respawn’s Star Wars adventure. Death Stranding is fundamentally an adventure. It’s an adventure through narrative, through new game designs and ideas, and across a hauntingly beautiful ruined landscape, crossing from one coast of America to the other. While it had a strong competitor in Jedi: Fallen Order, it seems our readers just couldn’t get enough of Norman Reedus walking a baby across the country.

Don’t miss our full lineup of nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing more winners all throughout the week, leading up to the Game of the Year on Friday December 20.