PSLS Game of the Year 2019 Awards – Best PSVR Game Winner

PlayStation VR’s 2019 was a bit quieter than the previous year, but it still had some standout experiences that were well-worth what the virtual reality platform has to offer. Whether it was Ghost Giant’s enormous heart, Blood and Truth’s insane action movie experience, or the PSVR modes for Concrete Genie, VR developers knew just how to immerse players in their experiences this year. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best PSVR Game in 2019.

Best PSVR Game 2019 Winner

No Mans Sky Update

No Man’s Sky Beyond

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Yeah, No Man’s Sky didn’t release this year, and the VR element of the game was an add-on with the Beyond expansion, but something about experiencing an infinite universe in VR feels like exactly what this game was made for. I’d always lamented that No Man’s Sky wasn’t a PSVR launch title. It felt like the perfect kind of experience for the platform, but now ongoing support has brought that to (virtual) reality. You can play the full No Man’s Sky experience in VR, and even cross-play with people who are playing on a flat TV. It’s quite an incredible experience, one that you quite simply need to experience if you have a headset.

Reader’s Choice Winner

Blood and Truth

Our readers loved London Studio’s action VR game, a brilliant VR experience that felt like the player was living out a thrilling action film. From the quieter moments of choice and consequence to the loud and bullet-riddled shootouts, Blood and Truth took the traditional video game shooting gallery to the next level and amped up the VR immersion, allowing players to live out every cool moment of being the hero.

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