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Puma’s Expensive Gaming Socks Were Made With ‘Console Gamers in Mind’

Puma, of course, isn’t the first footwear company to dabble in the gaming space. How many shoes have been styled with certain gaming franchises or brands in mind (even officially licensed PlayStation kicks)? But this, this takes the cake. Puma’s new gaming-centric socks are known as Active Gaming Footwear. The socks are available for purchase on the company’s official website in the UK for £80 and in Australia for $160. That equals $105 USD, though, unfortunately, other territories are not as lucky yet. (Editor’s Note: Or perhaps, we should say, “lucky.”) They aren’t available for purchase in the US.

If you think your ordinary socks are good enough for gaming, you’re probably wrong. Puma’s Active Gaming Footwear was “created with console gamers in mind.” Thus, they’re styled to accommodate use both indoors and in arenas. In providing “seamless comfort,” the premium socks also offer grip and support. These features allegedly allow console gamers to better adapt to “active gaming modes.”

The gaming modes in question are three in number, each addressed in a different feature or benefit provided by Puma’s socks. For instance, the “medial wrap-up grip” is for SEEK mode. ATTACK mode is taken care of thanks to lateral support. Finally, “heel wrap-up stability” aids with CRUISE and DEFENSE mode. What do these mean exactly? We can’t be too sure, but they’re bound to elevate your gaming skills, specifically if you happen to play on a console, at least according to Puma’s marketing team. (Editor’s Note: I’ll stick with my thick fuzzy holiday socks and dearfoam slippers to help me kick back with some console gaming.)

Puma has manufactured gaming-related products in the past. Some may recall the company’s two pairs of Sonic-inspired shoes. Both pairs of shoes certainly looked as though they befit the hedgehog’s signature style. They were fairly expensive, too, retailing for $130 a pop. But those were also, you know, actual shoes.

[Source: Puma via PC Gamer]