PSLS Game of the Year 2019 Awards – Best Shooter Winner

Shooters are more or less central to the idea of video gameplay. Nearly every game lets you “shoot,” whether its a gun or some kind of ability or anything else. As we define shooters here, we require the ability to aim with a reticle and fire a projectile of some sort, which means shooters can be first-person or third-person, but shooting must be a central mechanic to the game. Which of those is the best thought? Well, that was up to the votes to decide. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best Shooter in 2019.

Best Shooter 2019 Winner

Destiny 2 cross-play

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

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In an industry that keeps releasing shooting game after shooting game, few of those titles even can come close to matching the feel that Bungie has captured for Destiny 2. Whether you like the larger multiplayer and RPG aspects of the game, there’s no denying that Destiny 2 simply feels good to play. We debated it’s inclusion this year, but given its major expansion and the fact that it won last year for the Forsaken expansion, we decided to let the nomination ride. While it had a number of great competitors this year, Bungie’s shooter still came out on top for us.

Reader’s Choice Winner

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Our readers flocked to this year’s biggest shooter. Modern Warfare is both a critical and commercial success, tearing Call of Duty down to its barest foundations and then building the game back up again, free of the expectations and weight of the past. It’s undeniably a good shooter, worthy of taking the top spot in our reader’s choice award for the category.

Don’t miss our full lineup of nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing more winners all throughout the week, leading up to the Game of the Year on Friday December 20.