GT Sport Update Fixes Tire Exploit and Penalty System, Read the Patch Notes

A few minor issues have plagued Gran Turismo Sport, but developer Polyphony Digital just issued out a patch to address some of them. Update 1.54 aims to address a tire exploit and tweaks the penalty system, which the community has criticized for some time. This update is a small one, coming in at a mere 156MB.

Prior to the update, players were able to place various tires on their cars, without meeting the proper tire requirements. This previously impacted the game’s balance, but has now been fixed with update 1.54. The other prominent improvement comes to the game’s penalty system. Players were reportedly being penalized for seemingly insignificant reasons such as “very slight contact or collisions.” The update now makes gameplay more forgiving.

Here are the GT Sport update 1.54 patch notes:

GT Sport update 1.54 patch notes

Main Features Implemented

Sports Mode & Lobby

– Fixed an issue wherein by equipping different tires on the front and rear axles it was possible to circumvent the ‘Tire Requirement’ restrictions.

– Fixed an issue where even very slight contact or collisions were incurring a penalty.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

GT Sport released exclusively for PS4 in fall 2017, with a focus on multiplayer racing. Since its debut, it’s become somewhat of a racing platform similar to contemporary live-service games that receive consistent content drops to keep you coming back. It launched with 168 cars and 29 tracks, but has nearly doubled since, now offering 309 cars and 58 tracks, all of which have been free to everyone.

You can also pick up a copy of the newly released Gran Turismo Sport Spec IIwhich serves as a definitive version of GT Sport. It comes with the base game as well as most of its DLC, all on-disc. Spec II will give you access to the game’s extra content without having to download it—perfect for those with spotty (or no) internet.

[Source: GT Planet]