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UK Teenager Suffering From Seizure Saved by a Gamer Thousands of Miles Away in Texas

Image credit: Caroline Jackson (Facebook) via BBC

In a world where gamers are often in the news for all the wrong things (deadly swatting, for example), here’s something that sets a positive example. A 17-year old UK resident, who had a seizure while talking to a gamer sitting thousands of miles away in Texas, had his life saved when his online friend called emergency services after she realized that something wasn’t right.

Aidan Jackson was in his bedroom talking to 20-year old Dia Lathora while playing games when he had a seizure. Jackson’s parents were downstairs watching TV and didn’t realize something was wrong because it’s normal for the teenager to quietly play games in his bedroom. Lathora, who knew Aidan’s full name and location, snapped into action.

“I just put my headset back on and I heard what I could only describe as a seizure, so obviously I started to get worried and immediately started asking what was going on and if he was OK,” Lathora told Liverpool Echo, according to the BBC. “When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU. When that didn’t work I just had to hope the non-emergency would work, it had an option for talking to a real person and I can’t tell you how quickly I clicked that button.”

Jackson’s parents found out what had happened after emergency staff arrived at their house and informed them of the call. He’s currently recovering and his family can’t thank Lathora enough.

“We are extremely thankful for what Dia did and shocked that we could be downstairs and not know anything was happening,” said Jackson’s mother, Caroline.

We love this happy ending!

[Source: BBC]