Rumor: Konami Currently Has Two Different Silent Hill Games in Development

Apart from Pachinko machines, Silent Hill has sat on the sidelines since Konami cancelled Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project. Yet, a new rumor indicates the series will soon mount a triumphant return in the form of two distinct games. One, reportedly, will serve as a soft reboot for the horror franchise. The second game is supposedly akin to a Telltale series/Until Dawn. For now, Konami remains silent about both claims. As such, exciting as it all may be, the following should be taken with a grain of salt.

These alleged updates about Silent Hill come courtesy of Twitter user AestheticGamer, who’s known for being accurate with regards to Resident Evil leaks. According the leaker, Konami began accepting Silent Hill pitches from developers a couple of years ago. Whether or not the soft reboot and Telltale-style title came out of these pitches isn’t quite clear. AestheticGamer shared all of the above in the following Twitter thread:

Again, without official word from Konami itself, this unsubstantiated rumor warrants skepticism. Here’s to hoping there’s some truth to the claims, though. With horror going through a renaissance of sorts across multiple mediums, it’s a shame Silent Hill is currently out of the picture.

[Source: AestheticGamer on Twitter via TheSixthAxis, Rely on Horror]