Insider Clarifies Recent Silent Hill Rumor, Says He’s Not Sure If the Games Are Still in Development

Twitter user AestheticGamer, who’s known for his accurate Resident Evil leaks, recently revealed that he’s heard that there are “a couple of new Silent Hill games in the works.” Given his history, many believed that AestheticGamer’s information came from credible sources but were skeptical considering Konami’s treatment of the IP.

The insider took to Twitter over the weekend to offer further clarification. While he insisted that the rumor didn’t pertain to slot machines, he seemed to retract the portion of earlier claims that implied the games were in active development. AestheticGamer tweeted:

The games I’m talking about are not gambling games. Konami were approaching video game development studios to seek interested developers for pitches to evaluate, and were looking for two slots. I also know this might sound like a cop out to some, but outside of Konami approaching developers about this a couple years ago I literally know nothing else. Someone I personally know that worked at one of the approached studios told me this some time ago, and I later was told the same thing by someone else at a different studio. Neither studios ended up getting the job though. I don’t know if they’re still in development, but I’d guess that they are. Others probably know far more than I do. I don’t know anything else more than this.

There’s reason to believe that something is/was brewing at Konami. Last year, a similar claim popped up on Reddit, which the site’s moderators attempted to verify. While they weren’t able to confirm anything with certainty, the moderators claimed they were provided “proof” that looked convincing. Add to this the recent reports of Hideo Kojima engaging in talks with Konami and working on a PlayStation 5-exclusive horror title, and you have a perfect hodgepodge of information.

Make of it what you will.

[Source: AestheticGamer]