Dutch Attacker Iana and Jordanian Defender Oryx Join Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Void Edge

Ubisoft has finally lifted the curtains to unveil Operation Void Edge, which kicks off Rainbow Six Siege‘s fifth year of content this year.

Two new operators will enter the fray: a Dutch attacker named Iana and a Jordanian defender named Oryx.

Iana comes with the ability to create holographic versions of herself to throw enemies off. Her duplicate is lifelike enough to confuse enemies and make them wonder who the real Iana is. The holographic version will not only reflect all of Iana’s cosmetics, but it can also be controlled from a first-person perspective with the Gemini Replicator gadget. While the hologram can’t partake in combat, the deception is powerful enough to give Iana an edge over her foes.

Oryx is equipped with the Remah Dash ability that allows him to traverse short distances at an “alarmingly fast” speed. While he doesn’t come with any traditional gadgets, Oryx’s ability grants him the power to smash breakable walls and knock enemies down. He can also climb through open hatches, which makes him both fast and mobile.

In addition to the new operators, Operation Void Edge will come with a reworked Oregon map, balance changes, and gameplay updates.

“There is also a major change coming to debris replication aimed to make barricade destruction clearer and consistent, and an update to the Attackers’ drone spawn locations that makes them appear near the spawn location first selected by the player,” wrote Ubisoft. “A revamped player hub, balancing changes for Lesion and Twitch, and a new limited-time event are also inbound.”

Further details and a release date will be revealed in due course.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]