Sega’s Sakura Wars Coming to the West This April With an All-New Narrative for Fans and Newcomers

Sega has announced that it’ll be releasing its RPG/visual novel hybrid Sakura Wars in the West on April 28, 2020. Already out in Japan, the latest installment in the long-running franchise comes with an all-new story designed to attract both fans and newcomers.

Sega said that it approached the game’s Western localization the same way it tackled Yakuza 0, which was unanimously praised for its translation. The publisher promised “faithfully entertaining scripts” in English, French, German, and Spanish.

“We’d like users to experience the detailed movements and expressions of the characters through cutscenes, and of course would like them to enjoy the story where users sometimes have intimate communications with the girls to build the stronger bond together,” said producer Tetsu Katano. “A number of famous creators also joined the team, such as Kohei Tanaka, who has composed a number of music scores for decades including the Sakura Wars theme song, and Tite Kubo, who designed the main characters.”

Sakura Wars is set in imperial Tokyo in the 1940s. Players will take on the role of Captain Seijuurou Kamiyama, who is dealing with the aftermath of the losses incurred by Tokyo’s global defense force, Combat Revue, that operates out of the Imperial Theater. With things in peril, the captain must work to restore the Imperial Theater to its former glory.

“With the setting being what it is, there are many cultural references that may be less familiar to Western players, like the traditional Japanese candies or the ‘koi-koi’ hanafuda card game,” added associate localization producer, Andrew Davis. “At the same time, Japan in the Taisho era was voraciously importing culture from around the world. It’s that charming mix of the traditional (Shrine maidens! Kimonos!) and the modern (Musical revues! Omelets!) that makes Sakura Wars so compelling.”

Sakura Wars will be available for the PlayStation 4. In North America, the physical launch edition will come with reversible artwork and a sticker set.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]