Prepare For Demon Conflict With This New Sakura Wars Trailer

War! Demons! Waifus in mechs! Prepare yourself, anime faithful as this new trailer for the newest entry in the long-running Sakura Wars series dunks you in a fine layer of angst. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that Sakura Wars as a series goes back to 1996 and the Sega Saturn of all consoles. This Sakura Wars is the first to come out since 2005’s Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, but nonetheless is bringing the hot fire of mech-on-demon fighting action and a trailer that shows just how far the ‘Anime’ dial is turned up. Spoilers: It’s turned up to eleven.

While already out in Japan, Sakura Wars’ story of demon conflicts, relationships, and mechs might be new territory for some fans, so have no fear. A press release from Sega America describes the action: “As the Imperial Combat Revue prepares to compete in the Combat Revue World Games, their challenge is far bigger than just themselves. As with every combat revue in the world, their true purpose is to protect their city from demons-hostile, grotesque creatures born from the anger and malice of human beings.”

The art style and steampunk design remind one of another action-RPG Sega franchise in Valkyria Chronicles, with both games featuring an anime flair that goes for a recreation of the design style of a television series. Just in case Persona 5 Royal’s relationship building and dialog weren’t enough to satiate your appetite, Sakura Wars’ LIPS dialog system is meant to leave a prolonged impact on the game’s relationships by what you say on and off the battlefield.

Sakura Wars is set to release in the west on April 28 for PlayStation 4, with a launch edition bundle complete with stickers and a theater costume DLC bundle. You too can meet the mech driving best girl of your dreams when Sakura Wars hits later this month.