How to Get the PlayStation Player Celebration PS4 Themes Early (Update)

Update: It looks like the PlayStation Player Celebration PS4 themes are no longer available on the PlayStation Store. If you didn’t manage to grab them early, you’ll have to wait for the community goals to be met. 

Original: The recently launched PlayStation Player Celebration brings PlayStation players together to play games, earn trophies, and unlock rewards for the entire community at certain goal milestones. However, you can grab some of those rewards early, before the event has formally kicked off or the goals have even been met. Here’s how to get the PlayStation Player Celebration PS4 themes early.

How to Get the PlayStation Player Celebration PS4 Themes Early

The PlayStation Player Celebration has three goals with three rewards, officially beginning on February 24, 2020, though you can register to participate now. The rewards for the first and third goals are a static and dynamic theme, respectively. These were supposed to be held until players completed these goals, but by searching on the PlayStation Store, players can grab them now. See the link below to find them directly on the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Player Celebration dynamic PS4 theme features rotating images of keyart from some of Sony’s biggest PS4 exclusives while on the lower carousel of the PS4 menu, and a panning collage of all the keyart images on the upper menu. These include The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II, God of War, Uncharted 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn. The icons are altered to appear slightly “weathered” but are otherwise unremarkable. The music and sound effects are unchanged from the PS4 defaults.

The PlayStation Player Celebration static PS4 theme features the PlayStation shapes in either a square configuration on the lower menu or a horizontal configuration on the upper menu. The icons are given a slight blue glow outline but are otherwise the default images, and the music and sound effects also remain unchanged from the PS4 defaults. The style of this theme coincides with the branding aesthetic surrounding the PlayStation Player Celebration (seen on the header image above). This is arguably the more interesting of the two unless you really like key art of a bunch of older titles.

Rewards for the PlayStation Player Celebration will also include avatars, but we’ve been unable to find those on the PlayStation Store just yet. For now, they remain exclusive as rewards for the community event.

The discovery of these themes essentially renders the community goals meaningless (unless you want the avatars), though personally I think these are some of the weaker exclusive free PS4 themes that Sony’s put out over the PS4’s lifetime.  You’d be hard-pressed to get me to change from one of the old PSX dynamic themes, or even that new The Last of Us Part II dynamic PS4 theme that changes with your system clock.

There’s still one big prize from the PlayStation Player Celebration, though it doesn’t involve playing games or earning trophies. Players can return to the event page on March 17 at 11 am PST to answer a question and have a chance to win a PSN gift card, real-life Platinum trophy engraved with your PSN ID, and a bunch of Sony exclusive games.