PlayStation Player Celebration

PlayStation Player Celebration Will Reward Players With Exclusive Prizes

Update: Want to get the rewards early? Here’s how to download the two PlayStation Player Celebration PS4 themes right now without earning them as rewards for the community goals.

Original: PlayStation is kickstarting a new rewards program, simply dubbed PlayStation Player Celebration. Those interested in joining need only to register on the dedicated webpage with their PSN ID. In playing games and earning trophies, everyone who joins will work towards shared Community Goals. When said goals are reached, players will earn unique prizes, such as exclusive PSN Avatars and Dynamic Themes. Sign-ups start today. February 24th counts as the first day that Community Goals begin to count. The program either ends when all Community Goals are met or on March 15th.

Those who sign up will also have a chance to win an “exclusive PlayStation kit.” According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the kit includes a real PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with the user’s PSN ID, PS Store voucher for $100 USD/$100 CAD, and codes for a selection of PS4’s most notable titles. To win the PlayStation kit, players will additionally need to correctly answer a question via the program’s webpage. The question goes live on March 17th at 11:00am PST. Two winners will be selected according to the first two correct answers given.

The program will feature a total of three stages. Stage One begins next week on February 24th. Each stage will feature just two Community Goals, outlined below:

  • Play multiple PS4 games — the Community must play a target number of games for each Stage. Every PS4 game that each entrant plays for at least an hour (across as many sessions during the Stage) will count toward a goal.
  • Earn Trophies — the Community must earn a target number of trophies for each Stage. Up to six PS4 Trophies each entrant earns each day will count toward a goal. Trophies earned from games with a multiplayer mode count double!

All three stages and their respective goals and rewards are as follows:

Stage One (Starts February 24th)

  • 125K Games Played
  • 500K Trophies Earned
    • Reward: Exclusive PS4 Static Theme and PSN Avatar

Stage Two (Starts When Stage One is Complete)

  • 365K Games Played
  • 1.5M Trophies Earned
    • Reward: Five Exclusive PSN Avatar Images

Stage Three (Starts When Stage Two is Complete)

  • 675K Games Played
  • 2.7M Trophies Earned
    • Reward: Exclusive PS4 Dynamic Theme

Check out a brief rundown of PlayStation Player Celebration in the following video:

[Source: PlayStation Blog]