Navigate Alien Deathtraps in the Devolver Digital-Published Disc Room in 2020

Devolver Digital is publishing another ultra-stylish and brutal experience in the form of Disc Room. Minit developers Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis lead the charge, alongside Heavy Bullets developer Terri Vellmann and High Hell’s Doseone. Disc Room, an action title with the most peculiar premise, will launch sometime this year. Apart from a Steam confirmation, Devolver Digital has yet to specify which platforms the new project will release on.

Check out Disc Room’s announcement trailer in the following post:

In the year 2089, a massive disc mysteriously appears in Jupiter’s orbit. To unearth the secrets housed within the disc, a group of international scientists set off to explore it. Players will assume the role of a “brave but reluctant scientist” in an attempt to uncover the disc’s vast mysteries.

Many challenges await those who dare go exploring, though. Being chased down by sentient alien saw blades serves as but one major obstacle. The disc’s sea of interconnected death chambers will undoubtedly make matters worse. Apparently, the further players navigate through the murderous labyrinth, the more puzzling things are bound to become.

As is always the case, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The same will hold true in Disc Room. Kind of. The deadly and intelligent saw blades won’t just slaughter players at a moment’s notice. In the process, players will absorb incredible abilities too, including dash, time-bending, and the power to make clones. Death is technically a good thing, then, right?

Don’t worry if any of this sounds a little too confusing or bizarre. In a statement regarding Disc Room’s announcement, Devolver Digital President Fork Parker admitted, “I don’t understand any of this shit.”

Those who attend PAX East will have a chance to learn more, since the title will be playable during the event from February 27th to March 1st.

[Source: Devolver Digital on Twitter, Gamasutra]