DualShock 5 wireless charging

DualShock 5 Could Support Wireless Charging, New Patent Shows Adapter

There is no shortage of patents for PS5 controllers, and while some are more likely to see the light of day, other ridiculous concepts will probably remain just that: concepts. A new patent for a wireless charging adapter is one we’ll call plausible. While it specifically references the DualShock 4, it wouldn’t make sense for Sony to pursue the concept without considering DualShock 5 wireless charging as well.

The patent is specifically for an adapter that would plug into the controller, similar to the recent DualShock 4 back button attachment. In fact, the patent itself mentions additional keys on the wireless charging adapter that can be programmed to any of the controller inputs. Sound familiar? The patent essentially describes a deluxe version of the back button attachment that doubles as a wireless charging adapter, allowing players to simply set the controller down on a wireless charging pad to charge.

DualShock 5 wireless charging adapter patent

While the patent was published on February 27, 2020, it’s possible wireless charging was a feature Sony was attempting to build into the back button attachment. Ergonomically, having a large flat pad on the back of the controller may not have been the best player experience (the retail back button attachment curves with the back of the controller), but Sony may still be exploring the technology as a default feature on the DualShock 5. As with all patents, this isn’t any kind of confirmation of final features and simply gives us a look at what Sony’s R&D has been prototyping.

Here are a few other DualShock 5/PS5 patents that have recently been discovered:

Wireless charging has become a staple feature for many electronics, and furniture manufacturers are starting to produce desks, tables, and other furniture items with wireless charging pads built-in. If Sony could figure out a way to enable DualShock 5 wireless charging that lets players charge their controllers just by setting them down, it could end up being a huge selling point for the next-gen console, removing the inconvenience of cables or other charging stands. One of the biggest technical limitations is that the backs of controllers don’t have a large flat surface to make contact with a charging pad.

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