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A New Ben 10 Game Will Hit Stores Later This Year for PC and Consoles

Cartoon Network is teaming with publisher Outright Games to bring a new Ben 10 experience to consoles and PC later in the year. PHL Collective, the team behind ClusterPuck 99, is on board to develop the project. Concrete details about Ben 10’s next interactive adventure, even its title, are currently unknown.

This announcement arrives not too long after Cartoon Network unveiled Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie, which premieres this fall. The new film follows in the footsteps of the franchise’s 2016 reboot that introduced fresh characters, new settings, and a number of new abilities for the titular Ben Tennyson. How closely the upcoming game from PHL Collective will adhere to the reboot’s canon also remains under wraps for the time being.

Outright Games handled the last Ben 10 game as well. Simply titled Ben 10, the adventure in question launched in November 2017 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It, of course, required Ben and Co. to save the world, while allowing players to adopt all 10 of the young hero’s alien forms. Outright Games has translated a number of other licensed properties to games, including Paw Patrol, Steven Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, and Ice Age.

Ben 10’s history in games dates back well over a decade. So storied is this history that one Ben 10 adventure even took form on Mattel’s HyperScan console. Protector of Earth saw the hero make it to the big leagues with its 2007 release on  PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii. Nearly a dozen other Ben 10 games have hit stores since then.

[Source: Outright Games via Gematsu]