Next-Gen Consoles Still on Track to Release in Holiday 2020, Says AMD

Leading semiconductor company AMD said during a financial presentation that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are on track to release in fall 2020.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus and resulting supply chain delays, there were concerns that Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t be able to meet manufacturing deadlines. However, AMD has said that won’t be the case.

A month ago, financial services company Jeffries Group wrote a note to investors, warning them of potential supply chain delays due to Coronavirus. The note indicated that prolonged delays are likely to disrupt Microsoft and Sony’s plans for the holiday 2020 launches.

However, other industry analysts including Michael Pachter noted that console manufacturers still have time to adjust to the situation, giving them room to make contingency plans.

“I think Sony and Microsoft will quietly arrange for production in Taiwan and Vietnam (at a cost of maybe $5-10 per unit more at most) just to be safe,” Pachter predicted.

That said, it can’t be denied that Coronavirus has had quite an impact on various industries, especially conumer electronics and games industries. Companies with more immediate plans have particularly suffered as they scramble for backup.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have commented on these reports yet but we’ll keep our readers posted.

[Source: AMD]