Creature in the Well is a Pinball-Inspired Dungeon Crawler Coming to PS4 on March 31st

Flight School Studio, the team behind PSVR’s Manifest 99, will soon bring Creature in the Well to PlayStation 4. The top-down dungeon crawler hits Sony’s console at the end of this month on March 31st, costing $14.99.

Creature in the Well cleverly combines hack-and-slash action with pinball-inspired fun. See how in the following accolades trailer:

MWM Interactive serves as publisher for the dungeon crawler, which first launched in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms. Creature in the Well stars the last BOT-C unit, who must explore a desert mountain in order to restore an ancient facility’s power. The facility, which a “desperate Creature” haunts, seems the key to ensuring the city of Mirage survives a destructive sandstorm. To succeed, players must find powerful gear to upgrade the BOT-C unit.

Creature in the Wall’s desert mountain setting features a total of eight hand-crafted dungeons. Every area is replete with special gameplay themes, secrets, and a variety of unlockables. In exploring, players are bound to stumble upon more than 20 unique items, such as upgradeable weapons and clothing. These items all serve an integral part in ensuring players can customize their playstyle.

The pinball influence is evident in gameplay, whereby players charge energy orbs that then bounce around and ricochet off of nearby machinery. Such a mechanic reactivates the dormant machines that will hopefully halt the sandstorm’s progression. But the sandstorm isn’t the only threat the BOT-C unit faces. Along the way, the BOT-C unit encounters challenges placed by the titular Creature, who players must skillfully confront in a series of battles.

Creature in the Well isn’t the first game to uniquely integrate pinball into another genre. Yoku’s Island Express was a pinball Metroidvania that saw a small dung beetle name Yoku exploring an island and banishing the evils on it with plenty of pinball mechanics throughout.

[Source: MWM Interactive via Gematsu]