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PS5 Will Be Seen as a ‘Revolutionary’ Console, Specs Like Teraflops Are ‘Misunderstood,’ Says Ready at Dawn Founder

PlayStation 5 architect Mark Cerny’s recent presentation detailing the next-gen console’s technical specifications resulted in an intense debate among fans. Many are of the view that the PS5 is underpowered compared to the Xbox Series X while others are busy arguing over aspects like teraflops.

A number of game industry veterans have since joined the debate, and noted that there’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the PS5’s specs, and that the console has been designed with game development in mind.

Ready at Dawn founder Andrea Pessino said:

Dollar bet: within a year from its launch gamers will fully appreciate that the PlayStation 5 is one of the most revolutionary, inspired home consoles ever designed, and will feel silly for having spent energy arguing about ‘teraflops’ and other similarly misunderstood specs.

We are getting architectural decisions targeted *specifically* at the development issues that have historically set hard limits on designers’ vision. Which brings me to my ‘teraflops’ comment…

A console is more than a sum of specs – of course incremental hardware improvements are important, but abstractions, APIs, integration, and most of all *architecture* are even more so. That’s where the biggest innovations are to come in this age of diminishing returns.

Which is why focusing on metrics is missing the big picture. I am excited about the PS5 because I think many smart decisions were made that will enable devs to design in new ways, *especially* for expansive games. I was not making a comparison, just sharing my optimism.

Naughty Dog veteran Kurt Margenau added:

Still tripping about this PS5 SSD spec. Like, people don’t even know how big of a leap in terms of game design can be made, especially for first party that doesn’t have to design to lowest common denominator. By far the biggest leap in my career. Can’t wait.

Former Naughty Dog Technical Art Director Andrew Maximov expressed his excitement about the SSD. Using examples of Uncharted and The Last of Us, he opined:

The ability to load in the highest resolution version of any asset just in front of you and drop it immediately as you turn around means that every tree can have 3D bark and moss and ants marching on it just when needed, without blowing up the budget. It’s going to be great.

Former Xbox executive Albert Penello echoed the aforementioned comments, and said that Sony is making “a couple very smart moves.” He believes that if the PS5 is priced at $399, it will be a “great deal.”

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