Troy Baker Wants Fans to Approach The Last of Us II With an Open Mind, Says Players Will ‘Question Everything’

Joel voice actor Troy Baker has hinted that The Last of Us Part II‘s story may be divisive and has asked fans to approach the game with an open mind.

Speaking to Fandom, Baker said that the game is designed to make players “question everything” and those who go in close-minded will have a very different experience.

If we have done our job right, people will question everything. I want [players] to be able to challenge their own ideas about what this game is, what this world is, who the characters are – everything. I want people to go in open-minded to this story, and allow Joel and Ellie to tell their story  – not the story that people think that they want to be told. If people go in open-minded to this thing, I think they will have a completely different experience than if they go in close-minded.

Baker went on to say that while he doesn’t know if players will love or hate the story, they “definitely will not be ambivalent about it.”

Elsewhere, Baker revealed that the sequel’s announcement took him by surprise. He was sitting in a bar with director Neil Druckmann in 2015 when the developer revealed where he wanted Joel and Ellie to go next. He later went over to Druckmann’s house and began taking notes.

“By the end of it, I was silent – like I was sat at the feet of the greatest storyteller,” Troy recalled. “It was an amazing story.”

The Last of Us Part II has been delayed indefinitely due to challenges posed by the novel Coronavirus.

[Source: Fandom]