Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season Three Roadmap Includes Warzone Quads and the Return of Alex

With just one day left in Season 2, Activision and Infinity Ward have finally released the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season Three roadmap to show what’s coming tomorrow and into the next couple of months for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. As teased last week, Alex is returning as an operator after seemingly dying in the main campaign (now sporting a prosthetic leg), along with two brand new operators coming later in the season. It’s also bringing a huge change to Warzone, now allowing for quads to enter the fight together instead of just three-person teams.

A trailer was released for Season Three (which you can view below), along with a handy roadmap image to quickly get the lay of the land.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season Three Roadmap

At Launch (April 8) –

  • New Multiplayer Maps (Modern Warfare) –
    • Talsik Backlot
    • Hovec Sawmill
    • Aniyah Incursion
  • New Warzone Mode – Quads
  • New Operator – Alex (from Modern Warfare 2019 campaign)
  • New Weapons –
    • SKS
    • Renetti
  • Vehicle Skins

Later in the Season (No Dates Specified) –

  • New Operators –
    • Ronin
    • Iskra
  • New Multiplayer Map (Modern Warfare) – Hardhat
  • New Gunfight Map (Modern Warfare) – Aisle 9
  • New Multiplayer Modes (Modern Warfare) –
    • Gun Game Reloaded
    • Reinfected Ground War
  • New Weapon – “Classified”
  • Gunsmith Customs
  • New Warzone Content –
    • Scopes and Scatterguns Mode
    • “…and more!”

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Call of duty modern warfare season three roadmap warzone

One of the biggest standouts here is the addition of quads to Warzone for both battle royale and Plunder. Now that fourth friend can finally jump in and help (or hinder) your team. Over the course of Warzone’s first full season, we’ll also get additional temporary modes and playlist updates that will change things like weapons available and “other surprises.” Loot on the ground will also keep getting updates to vary the strategies that teams are using, including adding silenced and non-silenced variants of weapons.

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer gets three new maps. One is a remastered version of Backlot from the original Modern Warfare. One is an all-new map in a burning sawmill. One the final is a close-quarters variant of the 10v10 map, Aniyah Palace. Multiplayer will also be receiving new modes and playlist updates throughout the season.

And finally, there’s the all-new Season Three battle pass, which includes new weapons, the return of Alex from Modern Warfare’s campaign, and a shirtless skin for Yegor. And that’s just the beginning. There are 100 tiers of new content to unlock over the course of the season.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season Three roadmap kicks off tomorrow, and if it mirrors previous seasons, will last about two months until Season Four begins sometime in June.

[Soruce: Activision]