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Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season Three Teaser, Coming April 8

This weekend may be sending off Season 2 with a bunch of events, including double XP, free battle pass tiers, and a free Modern Warfare playlist in Warzone, but some eyes are already turning to next week’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season Three. We don’t know much about it, but Infinity Ward and Activision don’t want you to forget it’s coming. The Call of Duty Twitter account posted a simple quick teaser with the Season Three release date: April 8.

We’d previously assumed that Season Three would go live on April 7, given that it’s a Tuesday and that’s when most new game releases and major seasonal resets tend to happen, but this new teaser confirms players will need to wait Wednesday to start making progress on the new Battle Pass. The good news is that’s a full extra day to complete your Season 2 pass if you haven’t yet. Take a look at the teaser image:

Digging into the image for hints, it seems to put Ghost in the background (though still clearly part of the season), with three new operators taking the foreground. The one in the center appears to be Alex, returned from his presumed death at the end of the Modern Warfare campaign. He now has a prosthetic leg after the explosion the supposedly killed him and is expected to be the central/lead operator for Season Three in the same way that Ghost was for the second season. The other two characters are unfamiliar and could be either all-new operators or skins for existing operators. We’ll likely find out more through an intro cinematic when the new season launches.

The environments in the background seem to hint at new maps coming to Modern Warfare, including Backlot and Village from Modern Warfare 3. The parachuting soldiers seem to indicate a focus on the Warzone battle royale (and Plunder) modes, with this being the first full season since Warzone launched. If it follows the trends of other battle royale games, we can likely expect to see some new modes, limited-time events, and changes to the map in the coming season.

This is just a tease to get us through the weekend. Infinity Ward will likely release a more detailed Season Three features list and roadmap sometime next week before the season actually launches. For now, we’ll have to get by on double experience and the hype for the return of a character from Modern Warfare’s campaign.