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Journey to the Savage Planet’s Hot Garbage Expansion Hits PlayStation 4 ‘Soon’

Typhoon Studios is preparing to release the Hot Garbage expansion for its debut title, Journey to the Savage Planet. Priced at $7.99, the post-launch content is slated for a PC via the Epic Games Store and Xbox One release on April 15th. A PlayStation 4 launch date has yet to receive confirmation. However, Hot Garbage will hit the Sony platform sometime “soon,” developers noted on the recent Inside Xbox.

See what Hot Garbage brings to the adventure in the expansion’s following announcement trailer:

Journey to the Savage Planet’s upcoming DLC will take players to a brand-new alien planet known as DL-C1. The task is simple, investigate reports of a spike in pollutants at Kindred Aerospace’s waterfront resort. In doing so, players will find evidence that some of Vyper Corp’s robotic representatives have been dumping toxic waste into Kindred’s resort.

It’s not all bad news, though. To report their findings, adventurers will need to use the Kindred scanner device, meaning players are sure to unlock new gear upgrades and abilities. One such unlock comes in the form of lead boots for underwater escapades. A specially designed Kindred suit for safely navigating through toxic areas will represent another item unlock, as will the new unlimited stamina ability.

Hot Garbage is also set to debut a new robotic intelligence, Kronus. Typhoon Studios describes this sarcastic character as a “trash talking piece of Vyper Corp. property,” whose main purpose is to constantly scold players. The planet DL-C1 will additionally bring new flora and fauna to the experience. Fans should especially be on the look out for a few “goofy” bird variations.

Typhoon Studios’ debut title launched earlier this year on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Our review awarded the alien adventure a 9 out of 10, most notably applauding its humor and overall world design.

[Source: Typhoon Studios via Gematsu]