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Jump Force Season 2 Character Pass On The Way, Brings More My Hero Academia With It

Have you ever sat around on a lazy afternoon and thought to yourself “I could really use more anime in my life”? Well, good news! The wholly mediocre Jump Force is getting its second round of DLC in the form of a beloved My Hero Academia character, with more to come. New DLC content rumors have floated around for a while but a trailer today confirms that the first new addition to the Jump Force roster will be the icy-hot hero Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, releasing some time this spring.

The announcement comes along with the reveal of Jump Force Deluxe Edition, coming to Nintendo Switch and bringing the first wave of heroes to the base game, along with the characters planned for Season Pass 2. While the rest of the reveals are still a mystery the trailer did reveal that the franchises included will be JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, HunterXHunterBleach, and more. The picks for DLC this time see much more in-line with who casual anime viewers in America might recognize, not to sully the great and wonderful Pegasus Seiya.

While Jump Force doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from past Shonen Jump-related games it does continue to be heavily supported, so much so that a Switch release is on the way. Time will tell if Season Pass 2 will be the last train to DLC town or if more angsty teen heroes might be on the way, but either way, the pass will retail for $17.99 when it does eventually come out this year. If data-mining efforts from YouTubers are any indicator then we can expect more My Hero Academia heroes on the way, as well as the likes of Krillin from Dragon Ball. Shonen lives!

Jump Force is out now for PlayStation 4 and across all major console, with a Nintendo Switch version coming at some point in 2020.