PS4 Players Reporting Boot Loop Issue Following Firmware Update 7.50

Sony rolled out PlayStation 4 firmware update 7.50 to all users a day ago, with little in the way of patch notes other than improving system performance. However, quite a number of users have taken to sites like Reddit to report that their consoles are being thrown into an infinite boot loop since the update.

“It forced mine into a safe mode loop where initially it requests the update file via USB (blue light on start, changes to white),” explained user Portions4Many. “If cancel is selected, it powers down. I can boot to safe mode, but after going through options 1, 2, 3 (via internet), 4, 5, nothing changes – it just goes back to the USB request menu.”

Some users managed to update their consoles by downloading the firmware from Sony’s website. However, their systems are apparently cycling back to USB requests with error CE-34788-0.

When Portions4Many contacted a Sony representative, they got the following response:

To get this resolved you can visit our website, also please be aware that the PlayStation repair facility is currently closed for US consumers. While we sympathize with our consumers, there is no estimate on when the repair facility will reopen.

When asked if this means the console is bricked, the Sony representative responded by saying that the aforementioned website is the “best resource available at the moment to get it resolved.”

Some users are also reporting issues with the blu ray drive. Several users who have attempted to update their consoles keep receiving error code SU-42118-6 that prevents firmware installation. Others have said that their blu ray drives now have trouble reading discs.

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