Pac-man championship edition 2 free game

Another Free Game? You Can Grab Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Free on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam Right Now

The latest in free games to help you whittle away the time is Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. The free PS4 game can be redeemed on the PSN with the price being reflected in the cart. The offer is coming from Bandai Namco, joining a number of other developer and publisher promotions attempting to provide people with a little entertainment while we’re all stuck at home. The offer is good until May 10, so you have a bit of time to redeem the free game, just make sure to do it before it goes away. On the PSN, you can just “purchase” (redeem) the free game without downloading if you don’t plan on playing right now.

Get Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Free

For some reason, it looks like Nintendo Switch players are left out of this deal, even though there’s also a Switch version of the game.

Of the free game, Bandai Namco said:

Our vision is to follow our slogan word for word and provide – “more fun for everyone.” We are striving to provide entertainment that everyone can enjoy in the hope we can bring smiles and laughter to video game players throughout the world during this difficult time.

The company also tweeted about the promotion, calling Pac-Man a “goodwill ambassador” to assist everyone in going their part and staying at home.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2  joins other free games on the PS4. Sony is currently offering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey free to everyone (subbing Uncharted out for game of the generation Knack 2 in some regions).

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