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Quantum Error Dev Confirms the Game Will Use Real-Time Ray Tracing on PS5, Says It’s Easy to Implement

In response to misleading reports about the PlayStation 5 struggling with real-time ray tracing, TeamKill Media has confirmed that Quantum Error will “100 percent use real-time ray tracing” and that it’s “pretty easy” to implement.

“The thing we have noticed is things have to be as perfect as possible when viewing things with ray-tracing as anything not done right is very obvious in this type of lighting and reflections,” added the developer. When asked how much photorealism Quantum Error can achieve with ray tracing, the studio said that it will adapt a balanced approach.

“We are definitely going for as photo realistic as possible within what is capable and still run at 60 frames-per-second, but at the same time if something supports an artistic vision that is not 100 percent photorealistic, but is awesome, we are cool with that too.”

The source of the misleading reports were articles penned by sites like TechRadar that quoted a former Sony developer out of context. Chris Grannell, who worked on games like Killzone 2 and WipeOut, said that his comments on a recent podcast were misconstrued.

“I’m sure right near the start I said the PS5 was a beast,” he clarified. “I obviously went on to say Series X is more powerful in many ways but it didn’t mean what Sony have put together is a piece of crap.”

Quantum Error is in development for the PS4 and PS5. Though it might not be a PS5 launch title, the game is being developed with the next-gen console in mind.

[Source: Quantum Error via PlayStation Universe]