Comedy Co-Op Shooter Huntdown Coming This Month, Inspired by 80s Action Culture

Easy Trigger Games has announced that its retro action comedy, Huntdown, will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on May 12th. Inspired by 80s action culture, the co-op arcade shooter puts players in the shoes of three bounty hunters who are on a mission to take on criminals controlling a dystopian city.

Those who want to play solo can choose to do so. Huntdown features 20 levels and the following characters, as described by the developer:

  • Mow Man is a modified recon droid who was stolen and empowered with banned software, creating the ultimate killing machine, an unashamed love letter to Robocop and Terminator.

  • Anna Conda is an ex-commando and firearms expert and a bit of a loose-cannon, trained to assassinate without question or mercy, created with cocky rebel marine Vasquez from Aliens in mind.

  • John Sawyer is an ex special forces cop who left the law behind, he’s lost so many limbs in combat he’s practically half robot. The jaded, tough as nails ex cop is a beloved 80s trope of ours, a mish mash of action movie anti-heroes such as Snake Plissken and Stallone as Cobra, John Sawyer has a literal steel jaw, representing the silly over-the-top budget movie era.

Huntdown comes with hand-drawn visuals that offer a 16-bit look. The world is heavily inspired by Blade Runner‘s neo noir Los Angeles, and its atmosphere borrows ideas from movies like Escape From New York, Death Race 2000, and Total Recall.

Check out a trailer below and learn more about Huntdown over on the PlayStation Blog.