Scarlet nexus ps5 version

Scarlet Nexus PS5 Version Confirmed by Bandai Namco, Also Coming to PS4

The stylish Scarlet Nexus, a full-on no holds barred anime game revealed on yesterday’s Inside Xbox next-gen gameplay stream, is also heading to PlayStation platforms, both PS4 and PS5. Bandai Namco confirmed the Scarlet Nexus PS5 version in a press release this morning, clarifying any confusion and questions that may have come up after its reveal yesterday. Initially, the Scarlet Nexus website only showed the Xbox logo, which had people wondering if Microsoft had managed to work out some kind of exclusivity deal. Today’s confirmation reveals that the game will be broadly available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam. Sorry Stadia and Switch players.

Scarlet Nexus sees players become Yuito Sumeragi, empowered with psycho-kinesis. In the future, latent psychic abilities are unlocked within the human mind, which changes the world. Brain-eating mutants start emerging from the skies and it’s up to our hero and others with extrasensory abilities to fight off the Others. Scarlet Nexus is being developed by the team behind Tales of Vesperia.

Stephen Akana, Senior Brand Manager for Bandai Namco Entertainment America said, “Scarlet Nexus aims to change the way gamers view Japanese RPGs with a powerful futuristic aesthetic as well as a streamlined combat system that balances fast-paced action with strategic planning.”

We put together a list of every game shown on the Inside Xbox stream yesterday and scouted out whether or not each one is coming to the PS5. We’ve now updated that list confirming the Scarlet Nexus PS5 version. There are a few games that have been confirmed as Xbox exclusives, and still a few more that are left dangling without official word, though no PS5 release has been mentioned. We’ll keep the list updated as things change.

Scarlet Nexus currently doesn’t even have a release window. It’s unknown if Bandai Namco intends to launch it later this year alongside next-gen or push it out into 2021.