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RIDE 4 Races Onto the PlayStation 4 Later This Year in October

The last RIDE game from Milestone, RIDE 3, hit store shelves late in 2018. Fans of the motorcycle racing franchise need not wait much longer for another follow-up, though. RIDE 4 will launch later this year on October 8th for the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One.

To accompany the news about RIDE’s forthcoming return, the developer released the following announcement trailer, complete with stunning in-engine footage of a few of the game’s bikes and tracks:

In an effort to authentically replicate the design of iconic motorcycles, Milestone imbued RIDE 4 with a stunning level of visual fidelity. For example, the motorcycle designs were built from the ground up using CAD and the original models’ 3D scans. Plus, according to RIDE 4’s official website, laser and drone scanning were put to use in achieving an incredible level of accuracy when crafting iconic race tracks from around the world.

The bikes and tracks aren’t the only aspects receiving such remarkable attention to detail. Dynamic weather and lighting systems will serve as an integral part of the experience, too. Milestone’s commitment to such immersion should also appear reflected in the Pit Stops for fuel and tire management.

Players will be able to see it all on display in the franchise’s renewed Career Mode. The mode’s return features a host of global challenges that eventually culminate in a Championship against some of the most powerful Sportbikes on offer. Endurance Mode will also be included in the new entry, complete with RIDE 3’s hardest challenges.

Multiplayer Mode is making a comeback as well. It will now include dedicated serves, built to ensure a smoothness that was unavailable in previous RIDE installments due to peer-to-peer connections.

RIDE 4 is set to hit the throttle on October 8, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Despite launching in October, no next-gen versions of the game have been announced.

[Source: Ride Official Website]