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Doom-Inspired Retro Shooter Project Warlock Hits PS4 Next Month

Inspired by the likes of Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, Project Warlock is retro shooter that originally launched on Steam in 2018. The title will soon makes its way to the PlayStation 4 on June 9th. Get a look at the fast-paced shooter in action in the announcement trailer below:

In Project Warlock, players assume the role of a lone Warlock whose primary objective is to “eradicate all evil.” Harkening back to the golden age of fast-paced first-person shooters, the title features 60 levels across five distinct domains, spanning from the lands of the Antarctic to the desert sands of Egypt. Eventually, players find themselves navigating their way trek through Hell. In exploring Project Warlock’s pixelated world, players unlock paths with keys, access new areas with hidden buttons, and uncover secretly stashed cashes replete with ammo and gold.

Of course, hordes of enemies make the Warlock’s goal difficult to achieve. Flying demons and massive robots count as only a couple of such foes. They can all be taken on with the Warlock’s incredible arsenal, however, which includes 38 weapons, all of which feature special tricks that help deliver the maximum amount of damage.

Project Warlock’s RPG mechanics allow players to develop the character to their liking, with upgradeable spells and customizable weapons. Mastering these abilities and others should enable players to combat the game’s more difficult gameplay modes.

In a PlayStation Blog post, developer Jakub Cisło, who originally began work on Project Warlock at the age of 18, breaks down the game’s development in a concise overview. All in all, Project Warlock seems quite the homage to the shooters of yore. Plus, the protagonist sounds a lot like Duke Nukem, but borrows Adam Jensen’s tagline. What more could you want?

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