Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Season Four Introduces Captain Price as a Playable Operator, the Story so Far

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is coming in just under a week, set to kick off on June 3, 2020. To start teasing what’s coming next, Activision and Infinity Ward are reminding players of the story so far and what’s brought things to this point, where the famed Captain Price himself is stepping back onto the battlefield, finally letting players pick him as an Operator in the upcoming season four battle pass.

You can watch the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Story So Far trailer below, recapping the major events of the story campaign and the first three multiplayer seasons, culminating in a tease as Price drops into the warzone of Verdansk.

If you want the full recap—from Campaign to Special Ops to multiplayer and Warzone Seasons One through Three—Activision has you covered in an extensive blog post that details the operations leading to this point. Previous Seasons have introduced major franchise characters in the Battle Pass, including Ghost in Season Two and the return of Modern Warfare’s Alex in Season Three. Adding Captain Price—arguably the central figure in the Modern Warfare sub-series—feels like a major culmination of events so far, but also begins to drop a trail of breadcrumbs and questions for what might be next. Is this when Warzone starts to dip its toes into more Black Ops content and tease the Call of Duty 2020 release, merging the two universes using Warzone as a backbone?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Seasons have typically lasted about two months each, so it’s reasonable to assume Season Four will conclude sometime around the beginning of August, with Season Five carrying Modern Warfare and Warzone into October, the month new Call of Duty games usually launch. Right now, Infinity Ward and Activision may only be teasing the start of Season Four, but the message and methodology (The Story so Far, introducing Price as an Operator) seems to hint at a relative conclusion to the current Modern Warfare narrative and a shift to whatever might come next, whatever that might look like.

For now, though, let’s get excited about seeing Captain Price drop into Verdansk as we await more details on what Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Season Four looks like. In the past, Activision has released a roadmap in the days before launch, so we can probably expect more details on Season Four early next week.