Harvest Moon: One World is Coming to PlayStation 4, Reminds Us That the Outside Still Exists

Ever hear of Harvest Moon? No, not Stardew Valley. I know, it’s confusing. They do in fact, look similar. Yes, I do agree that Penny is best girl. But that isn’t the point. The Harvest Moon franchise never really went away but it is safe to say that much of its thunder was stolen by Stardew Valley. The franchise will have another chance to prove itself worthy of its own genre’s crown when Harvest Moon: One World comes to PlayStation 4 in North America later this year. If the newly revealed cover art is anything to go by then we can assume it has farms, characters, and the most oddly-shaped chicken in the history of video games.

harvest moon one world playstation 4

Seriously though, that thing looks like it swallowed a dodgeball whole.

If the cover art doesn’t give any hints about what is in store for players, perhaps a quote pulled from the press release can!

We are excited to share the first look at the new art for Harvest Moon: One World, which gives you a sneak peek at the vast world filled with mystery, challenges, new friends, and farming fun that awaits players,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. “We are also excited to officially confirm it is coming to the PlayStation 4 alongside the Switch. The Harvest Moon franchise has a long history on the Sony platforms including releases on the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 as well as the PS Vita and PSP.

Well, that didn’t help. C’mon, press release: That all you got? I believe in you. Help me help you. Surely you’ve got more than just some press release double-speak to tell me about this adorable farming game.

Can you imagine a world without tomatoes, strawberries, or even cabbage?

Hrm. Not even trying now, are you? That’s fine. Given that this is Harvest Moon we’re talking about I think I’ve got a pretty strong feeling as to what the game may entail. Regardless, Harvest Moon feels long removed from the public conservation and I’m hoping that One World is the franchise’s chance to rise to the occasion. Alright, press release: Give it one more try. I believe in you. Give it your best.

Players will find themselves setting out on an adventure that spans not only their hometown but the whole world!

… Nevermind. Look for Harvest Moon: One World sometime this year for PS4.