Activision Takes Down Leaked Call of Duty 2020 Videos, Clips Corroborate Black Ops Cold War Rumor

Earlier this week, footage from Call of Duty 2020 somehow leaked online. Although it was a low-resolution pre-alpha clip, Activision was quick to issue copyright strikes, resulting in Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube cracking down on the leaks and suspending accounts. However, the footage seems to corroborate reports that the upcoming title will be Treyarch-developed Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War was first mentioned by trusted Call of Duty insiders, TheGamingRevolution and Okami. Since then, several websites including Eurogamer have confirmed these reports from their sources. The game will reportedly return to a historical setting and the clip, although brief, did seem to corroborate this so it looks like Treyarch is doing away with the futuristic setting. Apparently, Black Ops Cold War will be somewhat of a “soft reboot” similar to last year’s Modern Warfare.

According to another known leaker, Tom Henderson (who previously went by the name LongSensation prior to his Twitter suspension), Black Ops Cold War will feature fan-favorite Nuketown, Jungle, Summit and Firing Range maps. The game reportedly won’t come with its own battle royale mode but will integrate Warzone, which makes sense.

Activision recently confirmed that development challenges stemming from COVID-19 will not impact its 2020 release plans. Fans were expecting to see Black Ops Cold War during the PlayStation 5 reveal, which has now been pushed due to ongoing events in the United States. We currently have no other information about a reveal but will keep our readers posted so stay tuned.

[Source: Reddit]