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Mech Action Game Nimbus INFINITY Is In Development for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

GameTomo has announced that the next installment in its Project Nimbus series, Nimbus INFINITY, is in development for next-gen consoles and PC. The company didn’t specify platforms but considering Code Mirai‘s global success on the PlayStation 4, a PS5 version is likely to be in the works.

First announced in 2018, Nimbus INFINITY is set 21 years after the events of Project Nimbus.

“The unification of entire Earth under one government created a great conflict between the Earth government and the Spacenoids,” reads a synopsis. “The Earth-born protagonist and the Spacenoid heroine are putting all their hearts and souls into making efforts to mend the rift and bring back peace.”

Mechanics are outlined as follows:

  • Skill-Based Combat: Choose your weapons wisely and aim them accurately to take out a variety of enemy types.
  • Diverse Battlefields: Cities, asteroid belts, deserts, and various other environments to add new levels of challenge and excitement.
  • Customizable Loadouts: Build your loadout from multiple options, gears, weapons, missiles, and more.

The two main characters are 17-year old Taiyo Iwata and 15-year old Luna Campbell. Iwata, a high school student, hails from Saitama. He’s raised by a single mother and ran his family delivery business before he somehow found himself in the middle of a conflict.

Campbell is a British girl from a wealthy and influential family. She’s described as “book-smart” but naive due to her sheltered upbringing. However, her privileged life is unexpectedly rattled.

Check out a brief teaser below.

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced.