You’ll Be Able to ‘Create Your Own Legacy’ in DiRT 5’s Career Mode

Codemasters unveiled DiRT 5 several weeks ago during an Inside Xbox digital showcase. Now the developers are finally ready to talk shop in terms of the new title’s Career Mode. This entry’s Career Mode seems rather ambitious, too. While two key characters, voiced by Troy Baker and Nolan North, are rivals for the world’s best racer throne, players will have a chance to carve their way to make a name for themselves.

Career Mode will begin with players climbing the ranks in the racing scene to eventually capture the attention of Alex Janiček (Troy Baker), best known as AJ. A superstar race champion in the world of DiRT, AJ mentors the player character, outlining his own rise to excellence.

Nolan North’s character, Bruno Durand, is an equally renowned off-road racer. His cold and calculating demeanor makes him quite unlikable, though, which informs his rivalry with Durand. Once these two superstars decide to duke it out behind the wheel, all bets are off. The fallout from their race sets the groundwork for the player to create an impressive legacy of their own.

Much of the narrative will be relayed through an in-game DiRT Podcast by Donut Media. Between events, the podcast’s hosts James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes will react to the player’s unfolding story. Even AJ and Bruno will appear, along with real world special guests such as W Series champion Jamie Chadwick and internet personality SLAPTrain.

In a Codemasters Blog post, the developer also notes DiRT 5’s Career Mode will boast five chapters, each providing players with multiple paths. Players won’t have to participate in all events, but those who choose to do so will encounter 130 events spread across nine race types. Completing certain Career objectives will even unlock “secret Throwdowns,” allowing players to go head-to-head against fierce challengers.

Interestingly, Career Mode will feature four-player split-screen options. Extra players are to take the place of AI racers on any track that features multiple cars. Codemasters breaks down the benefits of playing this way as follows:

“…the highest finishing position of any player is the one that’s counted in Career, meaning you could earn more Stamps, more sponsor bonuses and more currency by teaming up. Whilst those rewards earned only count for the host player, each additional player will receive XP and currency rewards for their own accounts, which they’ll have whenever they next play DIRT 5 as the host player.

DiRT 5 launches in October for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. It will also release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

[Source: Codemasters Blog]