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Market Research Firm Claims PlayStation Events Generate a Higher Interest than Xbox Events

Market research firm DFC Intelligence has said that consumer interest in Xbox events “pale” in comparison to PlayStation events and for now, the company continues to predict a sales advantage for Sony.

In a note published on its website, DFC Intelligence wrote:

One measure of how excited an audience is about a new system is how many non-industry consumers contact us about product reveal events.  Starting on May 7th, Microsoft will be hosting monthly reveal events.  However, the interest we have seen in the Xbox events paled compared with the June 11th Sony event (which may be a reason Microsoft is skipping a June event).

While DFC analysts think PS5‘s lineup looks “solid” so far, they believe nothing “earth-shattering” has been revealed but added that Sony might be holding off on big announcements and surprises.

That said, DFC noted that Microsoft has an advantage over Sony in terms of market cap, which gives the company plenty of investment opportunities to build a killer lineup. Another advantage that analysts think Xbox has over PlayStation is its Game Pass system.

“Game Pass has over 10 million subscribers versus only 2.2 million for PlayStation Now,” wrote DFC. “Our testers love Game Pass, but we have a hard time finding people to try PlayStation Now. Instead of being a shoddy streaming service, à la PlayStation Now or Google Stadia, Game Pass lets you download full games for both console and PC.”

What do our readers think? Should Sony invest in a service that rivals Game Pass?

[Source: DFC Intelligence via Wccftech]