The last of us part II dlc

The Last of Us Part II DLC isn’t Happening, According to Neil Druckmann

Whatever your feelings about the story in The Last of Us Part II, don’t expect it to be expanded on in any DLC. Game Director Neil Druckmann says there are no plans for The Last of Us Part II DLC, leaving the story as it is.

The news comes from Kinda Funny’s The Last of Us Part II spoilercast, where Greg Miller was joined by Druckmann, Ashley Johnson (Ellie), and Troy Baker (Joel) to talk at length about the game’s story. Miller asks about story DLC for The Last of Us Part II, referencing the first game’s Left Behind expansion which explored Ellie’s backstory. “With Last of Us I think we had some season pass or something, that we said ahead of time we’d have some story DLC,” says Druckmann. “No, there’s no plans for DLC.”

That means that any continuation of The Last of Us‘ bleak post-apocalyptic world will need to be explored through other means, such as comics, HBO show, or even the separate multiplayer component that will be coming at a later date (Naughty Dog is still remaining silent regarding details on the multiplayer, but has said it is still working on it and that it will be entirely separate from The Last of Us Part II). There’s also always the potential for another sequel. Naughty Dog isn’t completely ruling out revisiting the world in the future, but as with Part II, the studio would have to find a story worth telling in order to revisit it.

The Last of Us Part II’s story has been the source of controversy for a few people, with many critics and players (including us) lauding the bold story beats and quieter emotional moments, while some who have read the Wikipedia Cliff’s notes version of the narrative have started a petition for Naughty Dog to “remake” the game’s story. The controversy hasn’t slowed the game’s sales, however. It is now the fastest selling PS4 exclusive in a number of regions and on track to be the most successful PS4 exclusive ever.

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