Rumor: Leaked DualSense PS5 Controller Photo Shows its Massive Size in Context, But Perspective Might Be to Blame

While Sony has shown multiple photos of the DualSense PS5 controller, none of those images have had enough context to truly determine its size. Most have either featured plain white backgrounds or been with the PS5 itself, which we also don’t know the exact size of (though evidence says it’s going to be a big one). A new leaked image of a DualSense next to someone’s hand seems to hint at just how big the controller will be, though there are a few caveats to note with the image.

The picture, allegedly from the production line, was found by user Gamer17 and posted by another user on ResetEra, so it’s already gone through a few hands to reach the public, which does potentially call into question the authenticity of the image. Some theorize that it could be an elaborate Photoshop or even a 3D-printed fake.

Take a look at the leaked DualSense PS5 controller photo below:

DualSense ps5 Controller size picture

Now there are a few other things to consider with this image, if we’re working on the assumption that it is real. First is the perspective. It is angling the controller upward so that the grips are closer to the camera, make them look longer and larger than a front-on view. The hand being used as a comparison is also farther away from the camera, making it relatively smaller. It’s being held in a clever way in which the bent fingers elevating the controller (the thumb, middle, and ring finger) are hidden behind the controller, so while it looks like the hand is “flat,” the DualSense is actually being held elevated away from the palm and at that angle, creating an unreliable perspective to determine size contextually.

Next is, of course, that humans have different sized hands. Between the poor perspective of the shot and not knowing the hand size, there’s really not enough context in the image to determine just how big the DualSense controller is. If somebody wanted to truly leak the size of the DualSense, why a picture with it held in such an awkward way? Why not just put a penny on the touchpad or something? This picture was either intentionally taken at a poor perspective to create controversy, or it wasn’t meant to show size (maybe getting an image of the ports on the bottom?) and is now being taken out of context.

A 1:1 comparison gif with the current DualShock 4 and the DualSense does show that it is indeed a bulkier controller, but it can be hard to determine the nuances of the design from a 2D image. The gif I made uses the thumbsticks as reference points, but if the size/distance of those is changed, it could potentially render the comparison moot.

Either way, images like these remain speculative at best until either something more official from Sony or we get leaks with better perspectives and more clear context to truly determine its size in a less biased manner. Or, you know, we can just wait until we have the thing in our hands when the PS5 releases this holiday.

[Via: Game Revolution]