Explore the Pirate’s Life When Action RPG King of Seas Boards PS4 This Fall

Developer 3DClouds‘ (Xenon Racer) action role-playing game King of Seas will soon let players explore life on the high seas. The colorful RPG comes to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One on an unspecified date this fall. With its procedurally generated world, King of Seas plans to immerse players in vicious ship battles, a sea of lost islands, and hidden treasure.

Get a glimpse of what to expect in the following announcement trailer for King of Seas:

According to 3DClouds CEO and Founder, Francesco Bruschi, the team’s been hard at work on King of Seas for about a year. Because of the game’s procedurally generated nature, the world will supposedly react to every action taken. Thus, players should expect to regularly reevaluate their strategy for whatever new challenges the game world presents. For example, some naval routes may suddenly change or be cut off due to bad weather, forcing players to find another route to their destination. That new course isn’t guaranteed to be devoid of danger, either.

Ship battles seem as though they will prove central to the experience as well. Trading goods and purchasing upgrades on islands should help players prepare their vessels in this regard. 3DClouds also touts King of Seas‘ a varied characters. Apparently, some will be just as willing to offer details about hidden treasures as they are to steer pirates into deadly traps for their own gain.

It’s currently unclear as to whether King of Seas will allow players to explore the islands and partake in combat encounters on-foot. Such information should surface soon enough, however, since 3DClouds plans to share more details in the weeks ahead.

[Source: 3DClouds via Gamasutra]