geoff keighely dualsense hands-on ps5 controller

Watch the PS5 DualSense Controller Hands-On Right Here

Geoff Keighley is about the share the world’s first PS5 DualSense controller hands-on today at 9 am PT/12 pm ET. He first teased the reveal yesterday with a short video that showed him picking up a very real DualSense controller from his desk—proving awkward leaked photos were indeed taken from a poor angle—before promising more today. You can watch the DualSense hands-on in the embedded YouTube stream below, either live or on-demand later if you missed it.

PS5 DualSense Controller Hands-on Reveal

It’s unknown exactly what Keighley will be showing off or if we’ll get a look at anything else on the PS5 aside from the controller. If he’s doing a hands-on demo of the DualSense, it stands to reason that Keighley would need to be playing the PlayStation 5 console itself to access its full suite of features. Hopes are high that we get some teases of the PS5 UI and dashboard during this hands-on.

What’s probably a given is Keighley talking about the unique features of the controller—exactly what the haptic feedback feels like, the adaptive triggers, the overall form function. Perhaps he’ll even offer further details on Sony’s mysterious new “Create” button, which is rumored to have a lot more robust functionality than the PS4’s Share button. Other than that, a controller is a controller and really requires actual hands-on with it, so what will Keighley be able to show off in video form to players who can’t touch the DualSense for themselves?

Curiously, yesterday’s tweet from the official Summer Game Fest account called this a “hands-on with the PlayStation 5,” but Keighley’s own tweet, the teaser video, and the title of the embedded YouTube stream above seem to confirm that this is a DualSense-only preview.

Once the show is over, be sure to let us know what you thought of Geoff Keighley’s PS5 DualSense controller hands-on in the comments below. What did you like about it? What did you wish he’d talked about more? Wasn’t [insert whatever teaser or reveal we may or may not get] so awesome??

Geoff Keighley’s DualSense controller hands-on kicks off at 9 am PT/12pm ET.